DHCC decided to enter Russia directly.
Dunham Heath Canada Corporation decided to enter Russia directly. Also Dunham Heath and WastAway agreed that DHCC could introduce the WastAway process to CIS countries.
WastAway process was introduced to Russia
Through a representative relations of Dunham Heath Canada Corporation. WastAway process well received in Russia.
Sales agreement with WastAway signed.
WastAway and Bouldin Corp signed a Sales and Marketing Agreement with Dunham Heath Canada Corporation for three years ending Dec. 31, 2014 with extension renewal.


Dunham Heath Canada Corporation is focused on two areas of infrastructure for municipalities. Municipal Solid Waste processing to virtually eliminate the use of landfill by the use of environmentally sustainable systems that will transform MSW to a useful product or fuel. UPS system for traffic control to keep the roads and streets of a municipality safe during power outages.

Dunham Heath Canada Corporation will not just sell a product. DHCC will give the required technical support to assure correct installation to long term operation. DHCC can work with your contractors, engineers, financial groups or we will do it all for you through our partners or working with local groups.